By: ApexMCGaming


Moderna HD emulates real modern buildings and materials in a tasteful and artistic way. Whether you're constructing towering skyscrapers or a humble and cozy cottage, watch your builds take on a brand new and exciting visage. Moderna brings a completely traditional style to Minecraft. There are no unique gimmicks, just high resolution and engaging textures to immerse you in the game like never before. Moderna HD textures are 64 x 64 resolution with cleanliness as the main priority. Extra noise is painstakingly removed to provide modern and detailed textures with an elegant and polished exterior. Many newer packs seek to distinguish themselves by becoming more and more realistic or by applying unique and distracting styles to their textures. Moderna's only goal is to provide a smooth and riveting experience to the greatest amount of players.



Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


How to install (moderna hd)

  • • Download the resource pack to your computer and unzip the file.
  • • Launch Minecraft and on the main menu select "Options".
  • • Once on the options screen select "Resource Packs".
  • • Select "Open Resource Pack Folder".
  • • Move the unzipped resource pack file to the open folder.
  • • Go back to Minecraft and now select the new resource pack!