By: InnovationNation


A glittering and vibrant exterior equipped with a colorful pallete give Adventure Craft a level of detail and style never before seen. With a 32 x 32 resolution, Adventure Craft runs quickly and rides the line between simplicity and overcomplication. The crisp and smooth textures give a sense of serenity and coziness to elevate your Minecraft experience. Taking inspiration from Vanilla textures and retooling them into a completely unique experience, Adventure Craft gives life to your world and builds, giving them a clean and realistic look without being overbearing. It runs very well with shaders, which gives it a more distinct and immersive context. If you want a world with more life and expression, Adventure Craft is the perfect resource pack.



Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


How to install (adventure craft)

  • • Download the resource pack to your computer and unzip the file.
  • • Launch Minecraft and on the main menu select "Options".
  • • Once on the options screen select "Resource Packs".
  • • Select "Open Resource Pack Folder".
  • • Move the unzipped resource pack file to the open folder.
  • • Go back to Minecraft and now select the new resource pack!