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By: AgentXenon


FUSION is a modern resource pack with a hint of cartoonishness, meant to provide a unique and enjoyable experience without adding too much detail. The textures are saturated and vibrant, with an overall look of cleanliness. The 16 x 16 resolution gives the pack a simplistic feel for a more casual gaming experience, giving minecraft an unbelievable and quality consistency. The decreased resolution is ideal for strong performance, even with shaders.


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


How to install (fusion)

  • • Download the resource pack to your computer and unzip the file.
  • • Launch Minecraft and on the main menu select "Options".
  • • Once on the options screen select "Resource Packs".
  • • Select "Open Resource Pack Folder".
  • • Move the unzipped resource pack file to the open folder.
  • • Go back to Minecraft and now select the new resource pack!