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TNT Mod is for Minecraft gamers who like blowing up things and whole worlds. And unfortunately, when things get out of hand, are also blown up. In TNT mod, gamers are given new and easy 44 ways of blowing up things featuring more than 36 new explosive blocks. Some are categorized as major TNT blocks which can destroy great part of a world with one execution.

This is a not to be missed opportunity. If this is the field of expertise you want to do in Minecraft. The new sulfur ore mined in the game produce 5 gunpowder to accommodate making the new bombs. Although the ore is as scarce as gold, meaning its a bit harder to find but enough to ensure players will never run out of gunpowder.






For Minecraft 1.10
               > TNT_Mod_1.10.jar
For Minecraft 1.9
               > TNT_Mod_1.9.jar
For Minecraft 1.8
               > TNT_Mod_1.8.jar